A Celebration of Life


I love birthdays. I love to celebrate in ways that are fun, creative and meaningful. Recent years, the celebrations were at the arcade, pizza making and a weekend in Big Bear. However, this year was a milestone birthday; a year that I’ve been anticipating for 25 years, not a new decade, as you might guess.

This year I turned 42 and outlived my mother, who passed away 10 days before her 42nd birthday. Instead of having a birthday party, I invited friends to “celebrate life” and the only place I could imagine doing that was at CrossFit. I never feel more alive than I do at CrossFit; my heart starts racing from the moment I check the WOD the night before to the start of the clock. You all know the feeling.

My Birthday WOD was the perfect celebration of life though a little sore the next day, it just reminded me that I’m alive and well.

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