April Athlete Spotlight: Allison Kirksey


Name: Allison Kirksey

Height: 5’8


Age: 26

Profession: Physical Therapist

How long have you been a member at Cave CrossFit? 9 months

How has CrossFit changed your life, lifestyle, level of fitness? Since doing the BABY challenge, I am much more aware of what I eat. I have always enjoyed cardio workouts, but the weekly strength programming has been a very positive addition to my overall fitness.

What is your athletic background? I played multiple sports in high school and enjoyed intramurals in college and grad school.

Favorite WOD: Hmmm, I don’t actually know the official names of established WODs, but I can promise you it is not one with lateral burpees.

Favorite Lift/Movement: running, box jumps, rowing

Least Favorite WOD: Anything involving the movements below

Least Favorite Lift/Movement: snatches, toes to bar

What are your proudest achievements? After starting CrossFit, I got a PR in a 5K, 10K, and Half Marathon this past fall!

Name one goal and/or personal record you would like to accomplish through CrossFit? Complete a strict pull-up without a band.

Any advice for someone thinking about trying CrossFit or someone who has just started? If you are going to join CrossFit, join Cave CrossFit. Also, prioritize proper form and safe progressions over just bumping weight up.