April Athlete Spotlight: Deanna Blanchette


Name: Deanna Blanchette

Height: 5’11”

Weight: 180

Age: 24

Profession: Accountant

How long have you been a member at Cave: I joined right when I moved to LA in September, so 7 months.

How has CrossFit changed your life/lifestyle/level of fitness: CrossFit has introduced to me to weightlifting and gymnastics. I had done very little of either before starting, and I am getting more and more comfortable with each everyday. I also credit Cave for making my move to LA so easy. I have met so many awesome people and it really feels like a second home. It is somewhere I look forward to coming to everyday.

What is your athletic background: I grew up playing basketball year round and switched to running and triathlons the past few years.

Favorite WOD: Any chipper WOD with a variety of movements. Always like when there is running.

Favorite lift/movement: The more I work on them, I like doing clean and jerks. Also, we don’t do them much, but I love turkish get-ups

Least favorite WOD: Least favorite WOD is probably Fran just because of all the pull ups.

Least favorite lift/movement: Used to be pull ups without a doubt, but now after 14.5 its bar facing burpees.

Proudest achievement: Getting my first few unassisted pull ups last week. It’s one move that did not come to me easy and I had to work on progressions a few days a week after class. There is still more work I have to do to get stronger at them.

Name one goal and or personal record you would like to accomplish: Next, I really want to get toes to bar and hand stand pushups.

Any advice for someone thinking about trying CrossFit: I would say that everything isn’t going to come easy and there will be things you struggle with, but if you keep working on it you will impress yourself with how much improvement you can make.