Cave Chicks (And Josh) Rumble


Meet the Cave Chicks who will throw it down at the Weekend Warriors Rumble on June 14th

Rebecca Grantham – aka B, or Mama B

Super Strength: burpees, rowing, KBS (Zee would say sit-ups)

Kryptonite: wall balls, OHS

Catchphrase: don’t know if I have one? Welcome to suggestions lol

Susan Lynch – aka Traps

Super Strength: Burpees

Kryptonite: Wall balls

Catchphrase: All day (kind of Andrews but it’s my favorite)

Ashley Holmes – aka Creatine

Super Strength: DU’s

Kryptonite: Thrusters

Catchphrase: #BurningCan (Inside joke between Bicep and I)

Josh suits – aka Bridges

Super Strength: Thrusters.

Kryptonite: High knees

Catchphrase: Don’t be a pussy

Thoughts on joining Cave Chicks’ girl power in the competition: I guess I’ll have to go with girl power, since I’m the only guy competing. I mean we are doing this to get girls right?

Deanna Blanchette – aka ‘legs’

Super Strength: Clean and Jerk

Kryptonite: T2B

Catchphrase: Don’t bitch out

Laura Stomber (aka coming soon)

Super Strength: Lifts and Box Jumps

Kryptonite: Toes to Bar, Rowing, Muscle Ups

Catchphrase: Get after it