Inside the WODSeries Team: #burpeebitches


You’ve seen their names in the Cave spotlight and now they have decided to team up and throw it down on June 1st. Meet #burpeebitches, Susan Lynch and Laura Stomber!

What is your team name and how you came up with it?

LS: #burpeebitches — after several recommendations from members of Cave, some appropriate, many completely inappropriate we kept throwing around names and randomly came up with burpeebitches. Susan thought to put a # before our name and thus our name was born. Really we did it because you know we just want to be trending…

SL: #burpeebitches, we got some ideas from Cave friends and added the hashtag so we can “trend,”wanted something unique but fun

What inspiration or motivation your team mate gives you when you are in most need - is it a look or a phrase or other that will help you dig deep?

SL: “You got it, lightweight”- anything to keep me going. Laura is also great at keeping me calm (especially when working on double unders)

LS: She yells at me and follows it up with something good “looks good, looking strong in X lift”. We both agreed we do better when someone is yelling at us, so she is good at telling me to keep moving.

What’s one thing you didn’t know about your team mate before you started training together?

LS: She is a firecracker! Don’t let her petite size fool you. She is a force to reckon with! And we both share the want to just be as good as we can be and to continue moving. She doesn’t ever stop which forces me to continue as well.

SL: I really didn’t know Laura at all! SO glad we are doing this competition and had the opportunity to become friends- she is SO strong and focused, great traits to have in a partner. We have different strengths which makes us a really good team.

What do you two hope to experience and/or achieve at this comp?

SL: The goal is always just to have fun! Placing in the comp or just top 5 would be icing on the cake

LS: Do our best and most of all just have fun. Competitions are great and of course you want to win. If someone ever says they don’t want to win, they are absolutely lying. But at the end of the day it’s one competition, and I am just excited to be experiencing this with Susan. I couldn’t have picked a better partner.