Inside the WODSeries Team: MOSTOM!


MOSTOM: Midwest friends take on the wild, Wild West in the upcoming WOD Series Competition

Meet Tom Berklund and Mike Mosallam

Cave: How did you get your team name?

Tom: combination of my first and mikes last name. Not very creative but it works. We have been friends for 10 years and met back in college in Michigan.

Mike: The name is a combination of my last name and Tom’s first name.

Cave: What inspiration or motivation does your teammate give you when you are in most need - is it a look or a phrase that will help you dig deep?

Tom: All day!!!

Mike: There isn’t anything specific, but I think Tom’s overall athleticism is a motivation to me. He’s very determined and proper with his technique and form and he’s constantly pushing me in a healthy and positive way to be the best version of myself as a CrossFitter.

Cave: What is one thing you didn’t know about your teammate before you started training together?

Tom: I think I already knew everything about Mike – He is a beast!

Mike: I mean, I suppose I’ve always known this, but Tom is a natural born teacher. He’s very thoughtful and methodical on breaking down various movements and making sure never to belittle whomever he’s working with.

Cave: What do you two hope to experience and/or achieve at this comp?

Tom: Inspiration to continue and do more competitions and improve.

Mike: From the get-go Tom and I set one objective: just do the competition. We are not concerned with placement, winning or the competitive aspect. We are only competing with ourselves and participating in the competition and completing the WODs is all the success we could have hoped for.

Join us Sunday, April 6th – look for the Cave tent

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