Inside the WODSeries Team: Snatch Yo Momma!


What happens when you partner up a CPA and a samba dancer…Snatch Yo Momma!

An interview with Deanna Blanchette and Eboni Crowe who are competing this Sunday at the WODSeries in Westlake Village.

Cave: How did you get your team name?

Deanna: Our team name is “Snatch Yo Momma.” All the credit goes to Eboni on this one.

Eboni: It was my sister’s suggestion

Cave: What inspiration or motivation does your teammate give you when you are most in need - is it a look or a phrase that will help you dig deep?

Deanna: I am motivated to not let them down and to keep improving as a team. When I get a chance to see Eboni in a WOD I notice she is constantly getting better and I just want to keep up. Girl can squat!

Eboni: Knowing that we are working as a team is what motivates me. If she’s doing her best, I must do my best. No matter the outcome I don’t want to walk away feeling like I half-assed it. I’m not going to let her down.

Cave: What’s one thing you didn’t know about your teammate before you started training together?

Deanna: I did not know before we were partners that she has crazy dance skills and is part of a Brazilian dance group.

Eboni: Deanna used to do marathons and triathlons. Ironically, since starting CrossFit she’s no longer a big fan of running. In fact, she said she now hates it.

Cave: What do you two hope to experience and/or achieve at this comp?

Deanna: This is my first competition so I’m excited to see what we can do as a team. I want to have fun, maybe set a new PR and just really test what we are capable of.

Eboni: I’m doing this to test myself. See what I’m capable of doing under pressure. More importantly, I want to have fun.

Let’s make sure Snatch Yo Momma hits some new PRs and realize their goal of working well together and pushing each other to be better. See you at the WOD Series Competition this Sunday, April 6th in Westlake Village, details to follow. Look for the Cave CrossFit tent!