Join the Fit To Feast 21 Day Reset November 1st!

If you haven’t yet met me at the box, I’m Allison Hagendorf, Certified Health Coach & Behavior Change Specialist, and Coach at Cave.

I am also the founder of the Fit To Feast lifestyle which is about finding the individualized balance that works for you so you can be fit, AND eat up life! I use a 360° approach to wellness, incorporating nutrition, fitness, and behavior modification to get you on your A-Game. I'll get you started using my F2F21 (Fit To Feast 21) day program to establish a palate reset (read, eating nutrient dense whole foods).

I know it still feels like Summer, but we are well into Fall and believe it or not, the holidays are right around the corner. Ahhhh! No need to panic ;-) It's an incredible time of year, especially when you're feeling in control and armed to make smart and enjoyable food choices. Now is the time to start implementing some healthful habits setting the tone from now until the new year!

Enter the Fit To Feast 21-Day Palate Reset! THIS IS NOT A CHALLENGE, but rather an opportunity for you to prioritize fueling your body with nutrient-dense whole foods. The F2F21 will jump start fat loss, kick both cravings and unhealthy habits, and will allow you to celebrate food freedom. These 21 days will pave the way for you to make smart choices past these three weeks all the way through the rest of the year and beyond. You deserve to feel your best. Your A-Game with me starts here.

Register HERE by Thursday October 29th

Here are all the details now, so you can game-plan your Halloween celebration accordingly ;)

Kick-Off: Sunday, November 1st @ 12:00pm (plenty of time to recover from your Halloween Hangover)

Finale: Sunday, November 22nd @ TBD (just in time for Thanksgiving week!)

Where: Cave CrossFit

What you get:
• Initial F2F21 kick-off seminar with myself & Coach Brian to figure out what's working and what's not. Here you'll create a gameplan for the next 21 days that will jumpstart the results you deserve. We will be taking pre/post pictures and measurements to document any physical changes, but most of the changes will be kicking those cravings, nixing those nightly habits, and feeling more in control over all. AND Power Supply will be there for you taste their delicious food.

• The F2F21 guide. This overview will give you the lowdown on which foods to rock and which to avoid food, along with some reset tips and tricks, and some recipes. We will educate you on the types of foods that will help nourish and fuel your body for training and for life.

• Access to a private Facebook group where you can receive support from fellow F2F21 members and ask any questions.

• Support and check-ins over the 21-days to make sure you're staying on track and have all the tools you need to be successful.

• 10% OFF of Power Supply Meals during the 21 Days to help fuel your new healthy habits

Cost: $99

Register HERE by Thursday October 29th