March Athlete Spotlight: Chris Youmans

Our March Athlete to watch is a man of many talents. Not only is he is an amazing musician, but he's also a beast of an athlete and an all around great guy. Meet Chris Youmans!



Chris Youmans





How long have you been a member at Cave CrossFit?

Since May 2016

How has CrossFit changed your life, lifestyle, level of fitness?

I started CrossFit in Fall 2010 in Santa Cruz, CA as part of my high school wrestling training and continued it as a student in Berkeley and now here in LA. Whenever I feel like my life is getting out of balance, I know that going to CrossFit will help “activate" my mind. CrossFit has helped me achieve high levels of overall physical/mental strength and fitness, and it helps me maintain a healthy and balanced lifestyle. I always sleep much better at night after a WOD.

What is your athletic background?

Growing up I did baseball, soccer, swim team, track & field, volleyball, football, triathlons, mountain biking, skiing. My main sport in high school was wrestling and in college, I was involved with Olympic weightlifting, martial arts, and yoga.

Favorite WOD:

Fight Gone Bad

Favorite Lift/Movement:

Back squat

Least Favorite WOD:

Anything with cleans or snatches for time.

Least Favorite Lift/Movement:

Hand-stand push-ups.

What are your proudest achievements?

In terms of CrossFit, I’m proud of being able to push myself out of my comfort zone during every workout. Training my mind to push beyond my body’s discomfort has helped me in so many other areas of my life.

Name one goal and/or personal record you would like to accomplish through CrossFit?

I would like to reach a 400lb back squat and snatch over 180lbs. I would also like to be able to do multiple muscle-ups.

Any advice for someone thinking about trying CrossFit or someone who has just started?

Commit yourself to making it to class consistently for the first two weeks and you will be golden! An idea might be to set some attainable goals and maybe a timeline for the first month that you join. Record all your progress with the weight your using on each lift. CrossFit is a fun and new challenge at first but it’s also a really supportive community and if you stick around it will be come an extremely rewarding part of your life.