CrossFit is a strength and conditioning program designed to make health and fitness fun and accessible for adults of all ages. With the struggles and consequences of many employees' sedentary lifestyle, our program offers a safe environment for healthy, scalable activity for every employee, all the while focusing on having fun. This makes the perfect application for each individual regardless of age or experience.


Our Corporate Wellness program is designed to deliver a level of fitness that is broad, general, and inclusive. In order for your employee's to be healthy, they must be able to run, jump, climb, push, pull, throw, and lift effectively regardless of whether or not they play athletics. By taking these principles and incorporating them into our program, we insure success and health in all of our athletes. The routines and workouts are scaled in both load and intensity, but the program itself is the same. 


Workouts will build a combination of skill practice, bodily control, and self-awareness all while making exercise fun and exciting! Through Corporate Wellness, your employees will become part of a thriving community founded upon camaraderie, teamwork, and support, solidifying a foundation of healthy living. It is a fun way to get your employees active and develop each individual's true athletic potential and leadership skills. Start your business off with active employees that will increase learning ability, maintain focus, and build a platform for success on a daily basis. 


  • Drive down health care costs

  • Increase production through better focus

  • Exercise releases important endorphins in the body which will make employees happier and less irritable

  • Employees will be more prepared to take on daily challenges having already completed difficult physical ones

  • Leadership qualities, self-esteem, and confidence will increase





We can bring equipment on site and conduct sessions for employees without them having to leave the office! Sessions will be scheduled according to demand and preferred days and times. 



Our facility located on Beverly Blvd, can accommodate up to 20 employees per hour. We can set up special private sessions dedicated to your company in which we conduct the workouts. 

If an informal wellness partnership is more your style, we can simply offer a discounted rate off of membership to your employees. Similar to a perk deal, employees will come and redeem the discount by letting us know their company association or you, as the employer, you can subsidize all or part of the membership

Please email or call us for more details on pricing and availability!