The 411



We are located at 7773 Beverly Blvd in Los Angeles across from CBS Studios and the Grove. We have parking available in the back of the building. Please contact us for exact spots. There is also free parking in the neighborhood from 8am-8pm, as well as 1-hour metered parking along Beverly and Ogden and the surrounding area. 


As we cap classes at 12 athletes to ensure the best experience possible, we ask that you reserve the class day and time through you would like to attend through WODIFY so we can save a spot for you. Whether you're starting your trial, Elements or just dropping-in, click HERE to get started!


Wear gym clothes and shoes that you can comfortably move around in. Bring a water bottle and towel if you prefer. 


  • We have three bathrooms to change in

  • We have cubbies for your personal belongings

  • We have a bottle filling station to fill up from

  • We have delicious food and drinks to fuel you.


Please make us aware of any injuries so we can better serve you when you arrive.





CrossFit is the fastest growing program for stregnth and conditioning. At Cave CrossFit we implement functional movements across different load capacities and time requirements. Our workouts promote a fitness level that is broad, general and inclusive to any individual helping you become more healthy and adept at facing all of life's challenges.


We implement 6-week training cycles, creating consistentcy within our movements allowing athletes to build their strength and gymnastic skill before testing them. Athletes get better accustomed to movements and can track their progress. See a sample WOD (Workout of the Day) here.


We constantly stress form and technique before introducing intensity. Our methods have been proven at the highest levels of competitive athletics to lead to greater gains in endurance, power and fat burning while developing overall strength. Functional strength and agility is applicable in sports as well as in everyday life. 

Thus, it’s all about progress! Intensity is relative to each individual and every movement in CrossFit can and will be modified to your fitness level. You get to decide how intense a given workout will be. Our Coaches will simply be there to give you the proper motivation and make sure your technique is sound!





Should a member decide to terminate their contract prior to the end of the contract term, the member must submit the Membership Cancellation form located here at least 30 days prior to their billing date. The member will be charged an early termination fee equal to 2 months of monthly membership dues and their membership benefits will cease immediately.

Any memberships 30 days past due will be cancelled automatically. Reinstatement requires payment of all dues owed and payment of first/pro-rated month of new membership.


All members (except prepaid) have the option to put their membership on hold for up to three (3) months per calendar year, for a minimum of one (1) month, unless otherwise agreed upon, at a rate of 15% of monthly dues, for any reason. Upon expiration of Hold Date, your account will automatically become active and regular payments shall resume. Should you elect to cancel during the Hold Period, you will be subject to the 30-day Cancellation Policy, outlined above, and responsible for any cancellation fees. Please fill out the Membership Hold Request form here at least 5 business days before next payment draft date for changes to be effective for that payment draft date.


There are no refunds on monthly or prepaid memberships, contracts, blocks of classes, or personal training sessions. However, any refunds agreed upon after a payment has run will be credited less a 10% merchant services reimbursement.


Cave CrossFit can not be held responsible for the loss, damage or theft of personal items left in the gym or in the car parked on our premises.


Sessions must be cancelled at least 12 hours prior to appointment otherwise the session will be fully charged without the ability to make it up and an additional fee of 50% of session fee will be assessed.