Personal training


Group classes aren’t for everyone. When you’re brand new to CrossFit and weightlifting, the best way to get you started is with one-on-one training sessions where we can dedicate 100% of our attention to you. 

One-on-one training sessions are also perfect for athletes who have hit a plateau or need to work on a specific skill or movement that’s holding them back. 

Cave Personal Training

We understand that group classes aren’t for everyone. Some benefit more in a one-on-one atmosphere. Therefore, we take an individualized approach to training and nutrition, and strive to provide every athlete with a comprehensive, data-driven, holistic program, with measurable results.


In order to provide clients with the training and nutrition program that works best for them, we take each individual’s lifestyle, nutrition, fitness interests, personal goals, and overall well-being into careful consideration.


During one-on-one training sessions, one of our Cave coaches will work with you to help define your goals, conduct a comprehensive assessment of your fitness level, and train you through a program designed specifically for your needs. Our knowledgable Coaches WILL get you on your A-Game and help you achieve your goals whether they be to lose weight, gain muscle, build strength or get ready for an upcoming special event or occasion.


The benefits of one-on-one training:

  • Personalized and tailored programming to each individual

  • Nutrition guidance and plans

  • Small environment with 100% attention

  • Accountability and motivation to find your greatness